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Famous places - NAURU Remains II. WORLD WAS
Many places on island have old relic from II. World War. old canons, bunkers and other. Explore them all, along coast and inland, too...
Famous places NAURU Lake in Buada
On west of island you can in inland find a water place known like Bauda lagune. In surrounding lives birds, but some nice houses too.
Nauru is famous small island, smallest island country of the world, located in Pacific. With population have Nauru 2nd place after Vatican. Its located in Mikronesia pacific region, which is near Australia.
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The island economy is not too developed. The basic component of the economy is the mining of phosphates, more seabird droppings, called guano. On the island, to act more imports than exports. Notable here is the name of the company Nauru Phosphate Corporation, now known as RonPhos. Nauruan government set up a fund Nauru Phosphate Royalties Trust, which invests for the future of the islanders and pensions, though not on the island has no possibility of mining guano today.

GUANO mining

In Australia in Melbourne on Collins Street is the street the building Nauru. The government of the island bought land and built a shopping center as part of their intention to invest and participate in international trade. For a number of problems related to fraud, or chipping of the land for the purpose of building roads, eventually became the property is not as profitable and by 2004 all high rise Nauru sold.
The island is more or less dependent on foreign countries and have the economic problems. Thus, it may help some investments from abroad and good business partnerships.

Phosphats and GUANO ©

For not too good, was developed tourism. He is slowly getting a better level, but especially the island has only two hotels - Menen Hotel and OD-N-Aiwo hotel. If you want a passport from foreign country after 1990, you could buy it in the Nauru and to be citizens of the island. The move attracted to the country, or are interested in documents but also various scammers enthusiasts. Island was completed in 1990 and became a tax haven and a license for the emergence of banks the government has sold for 25 000 USD. International groups active in the field of finance and international economics is considered unacceptable that the island became the spawning grounds of money laundering.

Pacific-Australian prison on Nauru

On the island in 2001 was built an international prison, which served as a place of detention for prisoners and refugees. Place gave work almost 100 Nauruans. Australia has built a prison and also participated in management. The new government in 2007 identified the prison to be unnecessary and was abolished, thereby losing their jobs next Nauruans.

LETISKO a lietadlá

Air Nauru
Airline Air Nauru is the national airline of the island republic. From the outset has been operating flights between Brisbane and Nauru. Changed, then the possibility of a single transport ship to the possibility of air. Since 1983 the company had two Boeing 727 and 737th State-owned company was in trouble several times and currently operates two Boeing 737 aircraft It flies to the islands in the Pacific and to Australia. Among the islands, where the aircraft of peace in their regular routes found Solomon Islands and Honiara, Tarawa and the island of Kiribati or Fiji Islands Nadi.





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