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Famous places - NAURU Remains II. WORLD WAS
Many places on island have old relic from II. World War. old canons, bunkers and other. Explore them all, along coast and inland, too...
Famous places NAURU Lake in Buada
On west of island you can in inland find a water place known like Bauda lagune. In surrounding lives birds, but some nice houses too.
Nauru is famous small island, smallest island country of the world, located in Pacific. With population have Nauru 2nd place after Vatican. Its located in Mikronesia pacific region, which is near Australia.
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Island Nauru in Pacific

Nauru is an interesting little island in the Pacific. It is the world's smallest island nations of the world and by population is only second after Vatican. It is located in Micronesia, a group of islands is not so far from Australia. Nevertheless, the closest island of Banaba in Kiribati 300 km east. Yaren is the capital city. Despite its very small size, only 21 km2, the island was phosphate "kingdom", has an interesting history, which also covers the German colonization and II. World War although that the island is on the other side of the planet. Nauru is a republic and since 2011 it resumed cooperation with the countries of the Commonwealth..
People are Micronesia and Polynesian origins. Christianity predominates. 58% of the population is indigenous, 26% of the population are islanders from other islands in the neighborhood and the rest are Chinese and Europeans. Total population is about the size of the 10000. Literacy in the country reached 96 percent and operates the compulsory schooling there is valid until age 15 years. Candidates may also study at the University of South Pacific on Nauru, while in the past was only a branch school in Australia, which had to be there.
Homosexuality is not tolerated and public manifestation of homosexuality may be reason for arrest to jail.

Nauru, Pacific island, Tichomorie Nauru, Pacific island, Tichomorie Nauru, Pacific island, Tichomorie
Nauru, Pacific island, Tichomorie Nauru, Pacific island, Tichomorie Nauru, Pacific island, Tichomorie

The island was once known for its mining of phosphates. As one of the three islands was the leader in the export of guano. The other island are Banaba in Kiribati and Makatea in French Polynesia. Guano is the accumulated droppings of seabirds, which has wide use as a valuable fertilizer, or as an ingredient in the manufacture of gunpowder. Today, after logging remaining a few technical buildings, memories, and especially local history of the island.

Nauru, Pacific island, Tichomorie Nauru, Pacific island, Tichomorie Nauru, Pacific island, Tichomorie

Crazy 1st places
Nauru also has the strange leadership, which is rather funny to sad. In Nauru live too fat people. More than 90 percent of the people here that have higher BMI than the world average. It is this percentage is low and the population shows that Nauru holds this record. Total time sad world "2nd place" is another rarity - the island's residents are up in the 40% diabetics, which is again most of the world. The first is American Samoa. Forefront of Nauru to hold the gold in the percentage distribution of medails and Olympians versus the number of all residents. in the country is living a most count of athletes who have been successful either at the Commonwealth Games or even the Olympics. Even as the President Marcus Stephen elected president in 2007, holds several gold medals. He was successful weightlifters and now he is also a idol for others. Nauru is a small country both in the field of sport has built a reputation with the representation of events as the Olympics.

    • Emergency: 118 or  117
    • Hospital - General Hospital: 674- 555-4302




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