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Famous places - NAURU Remains II. WORLD WAS
Many places on island have old relic from II. World War. old canons, bunkers and other. Explore them all, along coast and inland, too...
Famous places NAURU Lake in Buada
On west of island you can in inland find a water place known like Bauda lagune. In surrounding lives birds, but some nice houses too.
Nauru is famous small island, smallest island country of the world, located in Pacific. With population have Nauru 2nd place after Vatican. Its located in Mikronesia pacific region, which is near Australia.
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Tourism on Nauru

Tourism on the island consists mainly tourists from Asia and especially Australians. It is not unusual, when the island gets the Europeans. Access to the island accompanied by the visa requirement. Visas have to buy each of the Commonwealth countries upon arrival but are now already included in the ticket price if you use regular flights to travel to the island.

Applicants outside the Commonwealth must write the request to the email Cash can not be changed at any point. Tourist visas are valid for 30 days and must be booked a hotel reservation or invitation from the local population. Some sources also inform about dispensing with the requirement of such invitations and reservations. The country uses the Australian dollar and what would be an advantage, in addition to local language, of course, speaks English..

If you're already on the island, do not forget sun protection, sunscreen, hat, if you want to move beyond the interior of the rocks, you must have sturdy shoes. Besides the beach you will not be through in a bathing suit, therefore, appropriate dress for this purpose keep on hand. If you forget the insect repellent though, nothing happens. Surplus stores have such a range. NOTE: country have not large reserves of fresh water or electrical energy.

On the island can be found several species of trees and palms. Grown coconut palms are few and banana trees. One can also find several kinds of flowers and birds.

Tropical weather here ranges from 24 to 34°C degrees. The coastline is 30 km long and consists of typical appearance of beautiful fine sandy beach with blue sea and palm trees as soon as it ends with sand. In turn, the sea you can find the rich coral substratum, because the island was once just the coral. The area offers a view of the interior of the moonscape that was used for phosphate mining and logging continues to remain longer in the not so massive quantities.

Holidays and public holidays in the country:
- 1 January, celebrating the New Year as well as Easter in April and let's not forget Christmas. Christmas is a holiday on 25 December
- 31 January is celebrating Independence day
- 17 May is Constitution Day Foundation
- 25 September - Youth Day
- 26 October - Anga day, the day celebrating the return home.

If tourists want to move anywhere, remember that there is no island taxi or classic public transport. Can travel by track, or renting a vehicle from the local. Ideal for car rental in the hotel to ask where they are ready and able to deal. Paths intersect the whole island. Primary Highway leads around the island near the coast. The interior intersects have 5 main roads.
The international airport is located in the southwest of the island and has a good open road equipment. Transfer from airport to hotel Menen takes about half an hour. The loading port has resorted built passage and harbor to the west of the island near the construction steel beams that are delivered but now in a less extent phosphate mined is still supplied to cargo ships.



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