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Famous places - NAURU Remains II. WORLD WAS
Many places on island have old relic from II. World War. old canons, bunkers and other. Explore them all, along coast and inland, too...
Famous places NAURU Lake in Buada
On west of island you can in inland find a water place known like Bauda lagune. In surrounding lives birds, but some nice houses too.
Nauru is famous small island, smallest island country of the world, located in Pacific. With population have Nauru 2nd place after Vatican. Its located in Mikronesia pacific region, which is near Australia.
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Island & Facts


As already mentioned here, is a large island only 21 km2. It has more or less oval shape of country. Lies in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and as the continents is closest Australia. Itis also involved in various directions in the economic development of the island. The closest island is a Kiribati.

The island is a geological point of view created coral activity is well represented by limestone. Today it is surrounded by coral and bedrock surrounding the coral reef in the sea separates the sandy beach from the deep sea. Despite the presence of coral on the island are several liberal port anchorage areas for small and medium-sized ships
The area on the island called Buada Lagoon is used for agricultural cultivation of fruits and vegetables, but also they have a tree Calophyllum inophyllum, which is resistant to hot temperatures conifer. Plants in small size can be used as an ornamental, but in bigger size of trees higher growth is used thanks to hardness in construction and in shipbuilding. Local tree called Taman and its cultivation is widespread in almost all areas of the Pacific Ocean to Africa.
Mining of guano, marked the whole island. Mining in the past has given way to fertile land, destroying some rocks a few meters. Mining previously impact on untouched nature and pollution. Today, however, restores the country and also there are several programs that provide clean up and rebuild the country, while mitigating the effects of more than one hundred years-long production. Foreign workers brought production Jehovah's Witnesses religious sect. His influence on the island was minimal. Sect and its belief also allowed not one religion.


Fresh water is on this little island more rarer. Its reserves are not large and depend on rainfall. Water is also collected from the roofs and filtered. However, operating desalination plants using sea water. During late autumn until the end of the winter monsoon season runs. There is a kind of endemic wading birds Acrocephalus rehsei, which lives only here. Due to its rarity and uniqueness is protected and registered on the list of IUCN. Own indigenous land mammals we find. Rather, dogs, cats and other animals that are brought man himself. Among the pests, who got here unintentionally so, as perhaps for each around the island, is Asian, Polynesian rat, or rather, living originally from the Philippines to New Zealand. It is a common occurrence, as in our mice and similar animals.

Birds of Nauru

The highest point on the island is 71 meters high above sea level and is called the Command Ridge. The name probably originated ridge Commander of II. World War, which marked the island. At least to the extent that today you can explore the wrecks of military equipment and military bunkers on the coast.

Bunkres, hoods II. world war relic  Nauru island ©

Newspapers Mwinen Ko are biweekly. The island state television work in addition to sending their own messages, advertisements and notices also the Australian and New Zealand news, movies and serials. There is also a radio, or rather extended radio broadcast BBC and other radio stations in Australia.




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