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Famous places - NAURU Remains II. WORLD WAS
Many places on island have old relic from II. World War. old canons, bunkers and other. Explore them all, along coast and inland, too...
Famous places NAURU Lake in Buada
On west of island you can in inland find a water place known like Bauda lagune. In surrounding lives birds, but some nice houses too.
Nauru is famous small island, smallest island country of the world, located in Pacific. With population have Nauru 2nd place after Vatican. Its located in Mikronesia pacific region, which is near Australia.
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Location and places
For those who would like to have the exact location of each place is here for a small sum of attractions, buildings and sites. All right so you can find. When it comes to building and grounds, that point determines the GPS location of the access road or entrance gates or doors.

International airport in Nauru
International Airport on the island of Nauru lies in the Yaren region. Actually, it have no choice if it wants to be or not be international . It is the only airport in the country and thus on the island. It lies near the high school on the coast. location: -0° 32' 40.61", +166° 55' 3.30"


Auctual Nauru-Australian imigration centrum and Menen stadion
For immigrants, was built in 2001 and in 2007 closed detention center. With its local exhibition were enthusiastic. Detained here several refugees from all over Australia and the near Pacific. location: -0° 32' 26.64", +166° 55' 52.80"

Buada Lagoon
Nice place, which revives the otherwise same inland, located on the west side of the island in the inland surrounded by houses and villas. location: -0° 32' 5.47", +166° 55' 20.20"

Aiwo Elementary School would be a dream many of us. It lies on the coast, has its own beach and sometimes above it rush through flyght aircraft. location: -0° 32' 20.72", +166° 54' 41.54". Keyser College located in the northwest of the island on the position: -0° 30' 20.69", +166° 55' 54.03"

Eastern marshes
On the east coast of the island there are several wetlands in the area where live birds and different plants. Location:: -0° 30' 47.19", +166° 57' 21.82"

Steel cantilevers of phosphate
Local phosphate mining has left many buildings. Cantilevers, which are often photographed by visitors to the island are on positions: -0° 32' 11.23", +166° 54' 35.47" a -0° 31' 57.05", +166° 54' 35.74". The load port associated with phosphate mining operation is still in position: -0° 31' 44.41", +166° 54' 36.73"


Japanese concrete bunkers from II. World War
On the island there are several. Likewise, it is the more ancient martial art, rusty guns, especially, the wrecks of larger machines. One such bunker position can be found at: -0 ° 30 '39.47 "+166 ° 57' 20.79", but essentially surround the entire island and some are less preserved.





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